The Surrey Tobacco Control Strategy 2016-21

Tobacco is a unique consumer product. It is the only widely available product, which when used as the manufacturers intend, kills. There is no easy answer to addressing the problem. Banning tobacco, while appealing to most, is not practical. In this context, the best that the government and we as a community can do is to reduce the harm caused by smoking. This includes the harm to smokers, the harm to smokers’ children, families, friends and colleagues and the harm to society as a whole.

Strategies designed to tackle tobacco need to be comprehensive and can only be delivered by multiple partners. In Surrey, a number of agencies work on tobacco control through statutory and contractual requirements.

Smokefree Surrey has developed a strategy designed to pull all those strands together into one document to ensure effective, coordinated action across the county to tackle its biggest cause of premature death and health inequalities.

Strategy ambition and outcome:

Ambition: For Surrey to have the lowest smoking prevalence in England

Outcome: A 3% reduction in Routine & Manual smoking prevalence (22.5% 2015) by 2021

(‘Routine & Manual’ refers to those in routine and manual occupations).

Priorities for Surrey

  1. Helping tobacco users to quit, prioritising groups who have higher rates of use
  2. Help young people to be tobacco free
  3. Establishing ‘smokefree’ as the norm in homes and across organisations and businesses
  4. Tackle illicit tobacco
  5. Raise the profile of tobacco control