The smokefree legislation introduced in July 2007 restricts people to smoking mainly in their homes or outdoors.

On average, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service responds to 30 accidental dwelling fires each year caused by smoking. Smoking materials were also found the source of ignition in over a third of the county's fire fatalities.

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service is working across the county and reminding residents that smoking at home is not without risk.

To keep your home free from fire, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service gives the following advice.

  • Dispose of all smoking materials properly. Tobacco is designed to continue burning so stub it out, right out.
  • Use a proper, heavy based, ashtray for ashes and cigarette ends which won't tip over or catch light.
  • Don't smoke late at night when you are tired or have been drinking, as you may be unaware of burning ashes. Never leave lit smoking materials unattended.
  • Keep smoking materials, matches and lighters out of the reach of children.
  • Protect you, your home and your family with a working smoke alarm.

All Surrey households can receive a free home fire safety visit, as part of our on-going drive to reduce the number of fires in the county.

You can also protect you and your family by making your home smokefree? Making your home smokefree will have many benefits , including reducing the risks of house fires. For more information see secondhand smoke and tips to make your home smokefree