What's the problem?

Pets suffer from secondhand smoke too. Tobacco smoke increases your pet's risk of getting cancer, heart disease and other illnesses.

Not only do your pets inhale the toxic air but they also absorb dangerous chemicals when they groom themselves because the toxins from the tobacco smoke are on their fur.

Even if pets don't develop cancer, they can have a strong reaction to the smoke. Just like people, pets can develop respiratory infections, lung inflammation and asthma when exposed to secondhand smoke.

What's the solution?

The easiest step you can take towards protecting your pets is to make your home and car smokefree. Just ask the smokers to go outside when they want a cigarette. In the car have one before you get in, and on longer journeys take smoking breaks to stop the temptation of lighting up inside the car.

Go Smokefree for the health of pets, children and others in the home, always smoke outside.

Ask your friends, family and all visitors to smoke outside; opening a window is not enough.

Keep ashtrays clean, out of reach and preferably outside - Don't leave butts in them for pets to find and eat!

Consider quitting - The health benefits for you and your pet will be significant.