Winter is coming.  The county has experienced some appalling recent winters, with flooding devastating some parts.  It more important than ever to be prepared for whatever the season brings in terms of the weather.

Where to go for local information and advice

  • The emergency planning pages of Surrey County Council have information on what to do in a case of severe weather or an emergency.  In the event of an emergency or local disaster, Surrey's local assistance scheme can help provide support for immediate needs after a disaster or in an emergency, where no other options are available.
  • Priority Services Register for vulnerable residents: If you, or someone you know, are a resident:
    • of pensionable age,
    • is registered disabled,
    • has a hearing or visual impairment,
    • has a child under the age of one, or
    • has a long term health condition,
  • why not register with the Priority Services Register. This is a scheme run by utility suppliers and includes priority re-connection if supply is interrupted and advance notice if a resident’s supply will be stopped. Contact your utility supplier or Citizens Advice Surrey or further information.
  • Thames Water's priority services register is for people who have mobility or sight problems and may need to get extra help to get water from a tanker or standpipe should there be an interruption to their supply. They also maintain a list of high priority customers who use a dialysis machine at home. If a resident is on their home dialysis priority list they give them a longer notification period before they turn off their water supply during planned work. During emergencies they will also receive additional support and advice.
  • Remember to check your heating and cooking appliances are safe. Contact a Gas Safe registered engineer to make sure they’re operating properly.  For more information on carbon monoxide safety, call the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) gas safety advice line on Tel: 0800 300 363 (9am–5.30pm Mon–Thurs and 9am–5pm Fri).
  • Health advice during times of flooding and food safety during a power cut.