Move more

Get Active Family WalkingHow much should I move?

The amount of physical activity you need to do each week depends on your age.

The links below show the recommendations for all age groups:

Why not take the quiz and find out how active are you?

For tips and free taster sessions in Surrey, visit Active Surrey.

How can I move more?

Get going every day. Being active every day helps us to all to stay healthy. Every 10 minutes counts!

If you're expecting - For tips, advice and places to be more active for pregnant women, new mums and dads-to-be visit Start4Life.

Young People, families and adults – Find out how to move more every day and for details of thousands of places to have fun whilst getting active by visiting Change4Life. There's even a fun generator if you're stuck for ideas, inside or out, rain or shine.

For adults and older adults wishing to move more NHS Choices has a wide range of information available.

Surrey's countryside offers many opportunities to get up and get active. Learn how you can discover new places whilst keeping active. Why not join one of the Walking for Health groups? There are different walks to suit every level, right across Surrey. Or if you prefer to go it alone, there are self-guided walks with maps and full directions.

There are also 16 Ramblers' groups in Surrey with each group organising at least 2 walks every week in the beautiful Surrey countryside. Visit Surrey Ramblers for details of all the walks and how to join the scheme.

Why not download a walk to your iPhone or Android app? Once you've registered on iFootpath you can download a walking guide or GPS route for free. From town trails to countryside rambles there's something for everyone. Thanks to the app, you can follow your real time progress around the live satellite route map, whilst having access to rich information about the history and the environment.

Cycling is another great way of staying active and a fun family activity. How about incorporating it into your daily routine and cycling to work? Visit Travel SMART for information on public transport, cycle routes in Surrey, taking bikes on trains, cycle training, electric bikes and much more.

If you are inactive and have one or more medical condition that would benefit from being more active such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and asthma, speak to your GP about Surrey Exercise and Weight Management Referral Scheme.

For more information for you and your family on leisure activities and organisations in your local area visit the Surrey Information Point website.