Stepping up

'Stepping Up' is a help service for anyone in Surrey who wants to change the way they behave towards their partner. It consists of a series of tailor-made support sessions that will help you understand more about why you’re behaving the way you do and help you change.

If you recognise you are using abuse and control within your relationship, attending Stepping Up sessions will help you to:

  • Explore your beliefs and influences
  • Understand the impact your abuse has on others
  • Change abusive thoughts and behaviours such as jealousy, intimidation, coercion, aggression and violence
  • Develop communication, negotiating and parenting skills

At the same time, your current or ex-partner will be offered support from a Partner Link Worker who will help them make informed and safe choices for themselves and, where relevant, their children. They will also be signposted to other services that will help them recover from the impact and trauma of domestic abuse.

What to do next

If you live in Surrey you can refer yourself by calling 07921 937889 or 01622 356477 or email:

A course manager will then be in contact to discuss the changes you want to make and to make sure you’ll benefit from the course. This will either take place face-to-face or over the phone.