Surrey has been successfully recognised as a White Ribbon accredited county, the second nationally to achieve this. This recognises our ambition to end violence and abuse, as well as highlighting our effective partnership working through the Surrey Against Domestic Abuse Partnership.

White Ribbon supports the principles behind the government’s strategy to end violence against women and girls (VAWG) that aims to address crimes identified as being committed primarily, but not exclusively, by men against women. These crimes include:

  • forced marriage (FM)
  • female genital mutilation (FGM)
  • domestic abuse
  • rape and sexual offences
  • so-called ‘honour-based’ abuse (HBA)
  • prostitution

We recognise that most of the offences listed above can also be targeted at men and boys: the White Ribbon campaign doesn't seek to undermine or ignore this, or unfairly influence the way in which we respond to, or deal with, victims of any gender.

The White Ribbon campaign recognises that abuse of both male and female victims has its roots in society’s attitudes about expected gendered roles and behaviour; and that it's only by challenging these stereotypes that we can meaningfully support male victims to come forward and report abuse. It's also so important that men and boys are included in all aspects of our work to tackle violence against women and girls, particularly work on prevention and awareness raising.

How you can help?