little girl brushing her teeth

Poor oral health can impact a child's quality of life. It can not only lead to pain, difficulty in eating and school absence, but also result in impaired nutrition and growth; thus resulting in a reduction in overall well-being. All of these consequences can have an economic impact on families and the wider population.

This section of the website is aimed not only at the public, but also health professionals wanting more information regarding dental and oral health. It covers a variety of topics from how to find a dentist, looking after your teeth, dental emergencies and oral cancer.

Need help?

Find a local dentist. If you have a dental emergency call NHS 111.


Tooth trauma

Dental trauma can affect up to 20% of the UK child's population, with sports injuries playing a major role. Mouth guard policies, safer playgrounds and increasing trauma awareness can all help to prevent further injuries.

Dental Trauma UK (a registered charity) provides simple, effective and thorough advice on managing trauma.

Here are the steps to take if a child or adult has knocked out an adult tooth:

  • PICK the tooth up by the crown (do NOT touch the root)
  • LICK the tooth if dirty
  • STICK the tooth back in (NEVER FOR BABY TEETH)
  • BITE on a handkerchief
  • GO to the dentist or A&E if out of hours.
  • Place the tooth in milk if you are unable to put it back.