Published: 21 Mar 2018

Surrey County Council (Public Health), Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SABP) and Catalyst are consulting with local residents and partners about changes to drug and alcohol detoxification services for adults, including community and inpatient provision.

From June 2018, they will be changing how drug and alcohol detoxification is provided in Surrey. Inpatient services will be moving out of the current facility (Windmill House in Chertsey) and in its place, a greater range of treatment options will be provided in the community. Access to inpatient services, if required, will still be offered but will be located outside of the county.

Progress is being made to create a more integrated substance misuse service in Surrey, and as part of this integration, Public Health, SABP and Catalyst have begun a period of consultation around the proposed changes to the services known as Tier 4 (access to inpatient detoxification).

The consultation will run from Monday 19 March 2018 until midnight on Sunday 20 May. The aim of the consultation is to ensure that anyone who could be affected by the changes being proposed has the opportunity to review them and contribute to how they are developed.

An overview is available on the Surrey Says website along with Frequently Asked Questions and a Glossary of Terms. For more information and to have a say on the changes to the drug and alcohol detoxification services, please visit the consultation page of the Surrey Says website. There are also opportunities to meet with the commissioner and managers of the service at events across the county, where the new provision and how it might affect you, or someone you know can be discussed. Details can be found if you scroll down to the bottom of the page of the consultation.

You may also email us at or call 020 8541 7976 if you could like to request:

  • a pdf copy of the consultation emailed to you
  • a printed copy of the consultation posted to you
  • a copy of the consultation provided in a different format (such as large print) or in another language.