An important part of working together is talking to each other and sharing information about people and the services they receive in the County.

We are therefore committed to sharing information across Surrey to improve the services we provide and the experience of those people using them. You can see more on this commitment and the partners signed up to it by viewing the commitment statement (PDF).

Whilst we are committed to this sharing for better services, we also understand that anyone using them expects their personal information to be looked after properly and kept private. We will therefore only share information where people are aware of it and consulted, or where it is legally necessary.

To help show you this and where information sharing is happening for care services in local areas, we have developed an Information Sharing Agreement for providing Care (Word), with appendices (Word). This agreement sets out in detail the information and legal aspects of sharing for care, whilst the individual register (Excel) of projects and initiatives allows Surrey residents to see what’s happening near them.

For more information on any of the listed projects please contact us via email at:

If you are a professional working in health and social care services in Surrey and would like access to the templates we use for the Information Sharing Agreement, please see schedules below:

  • Schedule A (Word) supports the main agreement by allowing individual organisations and staff to fill in their own project/sharing information requirements in an information sharing agreement template that is consistent across the County. It allows initiatives to be added to the wider agreement register regardless of commissioning/project leads. If you are considering drafting an information sharing agreement for a sharing initiative for care purposes in Surrey, this is your starting point.
  • Schedule B (Word) follows schedule A by providing a common standard of screening questions to identify whether there are any privacy risks resulting from a project or sharing initiative that requires mitigation. This template has been developed in line with the Information Commissioner’s Privacy Impact Assessment Code of Practice and identifies whether there is a need to complete a full scale privacy impact assessment as outlined at Schedule C.
  • Schedule C (Word) provides a common template for conducting and publishing full scale Privacy Impact Assessments. This template has again been developed in line with Information Commissioner’s Code of Practice.

If you have any queries around the use of this documentation, please email us.