Healthy Surrey

Whether you are interested in personal health matters, or finding the right information for someone else, this site is your place to turn to.

You will also find out about campaigns and key information for Surrey residents to promote improved health and wellbeing for everyone.

A healthy meal of spaghettiHealthy weight

Eating well can help you improve your wellbeing, manage your weight and reduce your risk of developing diseases.

Get active

Get going every day. Being active every day helps us to all to stay healthy. Every 10 minutes counts!

Alcohol - drink safely

Find out more about safe drinking guidelines and how you can reduce your alcohol intake.

Health checks

Are you eligible for a free health check? If you are, it will enable you to take steps to maintain or improve your health.

Stop smoking

Need advice on quitting smoking? We offer free NHS support to help you kick the habit.

Mental well-being

How to get support if you are experiencing mental health problems, plus child and adolescent mental health information in our CAMHS pages.

Substance misuse

Need support or advice with a drug or alcohol problem? Find local help here.

Sexual health advice and clinics

Find out advice and information about sexual health and local services.

Dental health

For information about dental health, plus dietary advice to prevent tooth decay.

Seasonal advice

For health advice throughout the year – from keeping warm in winter, dealing with adverse weather to protecting your skin in summer.

Workplace well-being

A commitment from employers to the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Domestic abuse

Need information and advice on domestic abuse? Find local support here.