Sexual health advice and clinics

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Having good sexual health is an important aspect of overall physical and emotional health and well-being. It is central to the development of some of the most important relationships in our lives. Any person who is sexually active could be negatively affected by their sexual health decisions and may require support to help put in place the necessary precautions to have a positive and healthy sexual life.

In Surrey we have a number of different services available to help you maintain good sexual health so you know what to do, and where to go in a timely manner if things go wrong.

Sexual health services for young people only

(Remember young people can go to any of the clinics and services listed further down on this page, as well as the ones specially for young people.)

Get it on...

Whether you are straight, gay or bi and having sex, condoms are the only way to prevent sexually transmitted infections. Even if you (or your partner) use contraception, it is important to use condoms as well. Anyone who is under 25 can register for a C card, the easy way to get free condoms. Find out where to register for a C card and get your free condoms.

Go check yourself...

One of the most common sexually transmitted infections to affect young people (straight, gay and bi) is called chlamydia. Often a person with chlamydia has no symptoms so it is important to get tested regularly if you are having sex.

If you are under 25, find out how to get free chlamydia testing and free treatment if you need it.

Emergency contraception...

If you have had sex without using contraception or a condom it is possible you (or your partner) may become pregnant (even the first time you have sex!). If this has happened to you or your condom has broken of slipped off, you can get free emergency hormonal contraception (EHC, commonly known as the morning after pill). You need to get emergency contraception as soon as possible to make sure it works properly. To make it as easy as possible for you to get emergency contraception if you need it, there are loads of places where young people under 25 can get free emergency contraception, such as local pharmacies. For further information about emergency contraception.

Young Person's Clinic (under 18s) 

A new Young People's service has opened at the Blanche Heriot Unit, St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey. The clinics run from 3:30-6pm every Tuesday, and are appointment based, offering STI screening, contraceptive advice, pregnancy testing and free condoms. It is a consultant-led service with a health advisor. People under 18 are welcome to attend any session at the Blanche Heriot Unit, whether appointment or walk-in. Further details are available on our website.  Telephone 01932 722669.

Blanche Heriot Unit
St. Peter’s Hospital
Guildford Road
KT16 0PZ

Sexual health clinics for young people under 25

These are for anyone under 25, gay, straight or bi. If you would like information and advice about sexual health, need free condoms, contraception (including emergency contraception) or you are worried you may be pregnant or have a sexually transmitted infection you can go to one of the sexual health clinics for young people under 25.

Remember, people under 25 can also go to the clinics and services listed on this page, they are for everyone.

Further information for young people

For further information about sexual health and where to get help. For further information about sexuality and sexual identity.

Sexual health services for everyone (including young people)

Contraceptive and Sexual Health (CASH) Clinics...

For a  list of clinics available for all ages.

Genito Urinary Medicine (GUM) Clinics...

These clinics are for anyone who would is concerned they may have a sexually transmitted infection or who would like screening or testing to make sure. GUM clinics specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. They are free for everyone and you do not have to pay for any treatment or medication you may need. They are also completely confidential and your GP will not have to be informed that you have been there unless you wish them to be. For a list of GUM clinics in Surrey.

Emergency contraception...

You can get emergency contraception from your GP, any of the CASH and GUM clinics listed on the links above as well as all the Surrey walk-in centres and A&E Departments (except St Peter’s Hospital). Emergency contraception can also be purchased from local pharmacies and chemists.  

Young people under 25 can get free emergency contraception from a number of places; to find out where click the pharmacies link in the young people’s sexual health section above.

Your doctor

GPs primarily offer oral contraception methods such as the contraceptive pill, though more GPs and Practice Nurses are being trained to offer a greater range of Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) methods. You can talk to your GP about your contraceptive options. Practices provide emergency hormonal contraception (EHC, commonly known as the morning after pill) and free pregnancy tests. They can also offer HIV testing and provide referral to abortion services.

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