Mental health information for children and young people

Welcome to the children and young people’s zone. This section of the website has been split into sections just for you (but your parents or carers might also like to check it out too) and has lots of information about CAMHS, what it means and how we can help you. If you haven’t been to CAMHS or are just worried about something, have a read through and hopefully we can help you.

Children's pages

Infant and primary aged children can learn more about ways to cope with their feelings and about coming to CAMHS.

Young people's pages

Aged 11-18 and worried about something? Find out more about what happens at CAMHS.

CAMHS Youth Advisors (CYA)

Find out about and join in with CYA. CYA stands for CAMHS Youth Advisors, a group of young people with different experiences of accessing CAMH services, who have a say in what goes on in CAMHS, and take part in a whole variety of projects.

Read our information leaflet

Young people can find out more about visiting CAMHS in our young person's information leaflet.

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