Help to improve your local health services

The NHS in Surrey is planning what community health services should be available in future. We want to make sure that people’s needs are at the centre of all planning and that everyone’s needs are met.

Community health services help people get well and stay well without having to travel too far from home. These services are offered in many different places, including:
• in people’s own homes
• in clinics in the community
• in other community settings, like GP surgeries, children’s centres and schools

There are lots of different types of community services, such as:
• community nursing
• adult rehabilitation and therapies
• rapid response services to keep older people out of hospital and support them after they have left hospital
• specialist services focusing on people with specific needs such as diabetes
• physiotherapy
• podiatry
• children’s services including health visitors, school nursing and services for children with complex needs
• Community dietetics

Why are we asking for your views?

The NHS organises services through lots of different organisations. The contract with organisations that run community services now comes to an end in 2017 so we need to think about the future.

The NHS is working with Surrey County Council to hear what service users, carers, GPs and other stakeholders think is important.

We are asking people what principles are most important to them so we know how to plan new services. For example:

• Is it important to have services available on weekends and in the evenings?
• Is it important to help people understand how to stop getting unwell in the first place?
• Is it important that services are available in one location?
• Is it important that rehabilitation services are located close to home?

How you can get involved and further information

The following web pages provide up to date information regarding the procurement process and how you can get involved:


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