Improving older adults’ health and wellbeing

Happy elderly couplePriority 4: Improving older adults’ health and wellbeing

More people in Surrey are living longer. This is great news, but there are also some challenges. The growing number of older people in Surrey will have a major impact, as older people are more likely to experience disability and long-term conditions. Part of the challenge will be to make sure that the right services are in place so that older people can remain independent for as long as possible.

The number of people over 85 years old is predicted to increase significantly. People over the age of 85 often need more support from health and social care services. They are also at greatest risk of isolation and of poor, inadequately heated housing, both of which can impact on health and wellbeing.

Why is this a priority?

Through our public meetings and survey you told us that older people’s health was an important issue for you. Surrey’s Health and Wellbeing Board also decided from analysis of the available evidence that this was a very important issue.

The image below captures some of the evidence behind why improving the health and wellbeing of older adults was selected as a priority in the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy. This was created using data in Surrey-i, a one-stop source of information on Surrey's demographics, economy and public services. Click on the image below to read more

Preview of Older Adults Health Snapshot 

What you told us

  • “End of life care hasn't had much attention before so should be a priority - especially as carers are often caring for these people at home”
  • “I support the priority on End of Life Care”
  • “Older people’s health is very important”
  • “Dementia should remain a priority as it is a huge issue”
  • “Dementia should be a top priority”

How will you know when this priority has been achieved?

  • Older adults will stay healthier and independent for longer
  • Older adults will have a good experience of care and support
  • More older adults with dementia will have access to care and support
  • Older adults will experience hospital admission only when needed and will be supported to return home as soon as possible
  • Older carers will be supported to live a fulfilling life outside caring
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