Improving children's health and wellbeing

Priority 1: Improving children’s health and wellbeing Young children running on a hill

Improving children’s health and wellbeing means giving every child the best start in life and supporting children and young people to achieve the best health and wellbeing outcomes possible. We can do this by supporting families from the very start, right through to children becoming adults, and giving additional support where this is needed.

What you told us

  • “Children's health and wellbeing should be a high priority” 
  • “I believe children who are happy will develop into well rounded adults”
  • “If we do not prioritise this area we will always be 'firefighting'. To focus on comparatively cheap interventions early on would decrease more complex need later in life”
  • “If we can make a significant impact in children's emotional health and wellbeing this will impact in the longer term on most of the other priorities.”
  • “Support children through direct abuse and help children affected by family violence.”
  • “Health needs to better engage with schools”
  • “Better funding for early intervention and support is needed”

Why is this a priority?

Through our public meetings and survey you told us that children's health was an important issue for you. Surrey’s Health and Wellbeing Board also decided from analysis of the available evidence that this was a very important issue.

The image below captures some of the evidence behind why improving the health and wellbeing of children was selected as a priority in the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy. This was created using data in Surrey-i, a one-stop source of information on Surrey's demographics, economy and public services. Click on the image to read some of the evidence.

Preview of Childrens health and wellbeing snapshot 

How will you know when this priority has been achieved?

  • More babies will be born healthy
  • Children and young people with complex needs will have a good experience of care
  • More families, children and young people will choose to live healthy lives
  • The health of looked after children and care leavers will improve
  • More children and young people will be emotionally healthy

Childhood Obesity

The Health and Wellbeing Board are encouraging a wide range of Surrey professionals to come together and explore new ways of working to tackle childhood obesity at borough and district level. An event was held in March to share practice and learning around the issue, with numerous local actions arising as a result. A presentation was given at the event by Public Health England, setting out the causes of obesity, the evidence behind the changes needed and the national work that is underway to tackle it. Read the presentation.

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