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Healthy eating infographicWhether you are interested in personal health matters, or finding the right information for someone else, this site is your place to turn to. You will also find out about campaigns and key information for Surrey residents to promote improved health and wellbeing for everyone.


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Did you know that many of the illnesses, aches and pains that people experience as they get older can be prevented? 70% of what most people put down to ageing is actually linked to their lifestyle.

Download the Be Food Smart app from Change4Life to help make you and your family healthier

Winters have been mild recently, but around 500 people in still die in Surrey each year because of winter. Our GPs and Emergency Departments become very busy around this time, making it important for you to be prepared, especially for the holiday season. For helpful tips and pharmacy opening times over Christmas and New Year.

Quit51, the stop smoking provider for Surrey, is encouraging smokers to pledge to quit smoking this Christmas for their family and loved ones and “Give the Gift of their Good Health”.

More than half of all children and adults with a burn injury do not receive appropriate first aid at the scene.  While most burns are usually minor, and do not require specialist treatment, it is important that you know what to do if you, or a friend or family member, suffer a burn.


Article title here 22/07/2013

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